I have been using SciDB since early 2016. I am impressed and pleasantly challenged with SciDB. Here I am writing about my experiences and I hope these posts will be useful to other folks. Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. — Rares Vernica

Machine Learning in SciDB

Leveraging the SciDB Stream plug-in

Popular data processing platforms offer users the ability to inject an external process into the data processing pipeline. The data flowing through the data pipeline is fed as input to the external process, while the output produced by the process is fed back into the pipeline. The external process runs... [Read More]

Extending SciDB - Part 1

Documentation and Development Tools

One of the strengths of SciDB over other database management systems is its extensibility.1 SciDB allows the user to add new data types, functions, and operators. In this multi-part post, we discuss various aspects of extending SciDB. In this post we look at the available documentation and how to setup... [Read More]

SciDB Tutorials

Best Resources to Get Started with SciDB

SciDB has extensive documentation but there is no official tutorial or getting started guide. In this post, we go over some of the tutorials and getting started materials available online. Please note that some of the materials listed here are more than two years old and specific functions or commands... [Read More]